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It’s my goal to help you become more conscious of the whispers of your soul. I offer different services to help you understand yourself better and to support you in removing blocks in your energy so you can create a more joyous and healthy life for yourself. Take a look around, browse through the services I offer or have a look at the free resources for ways in which to help yourself.

Let me listen to your soul

and guide you

My services

Let me share my gift with you

I am a healer, I derive great satisfaction from helping people feel better, in body, mind and spirit.
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Dream Consultation

understanding what your subconscious is telling you

Let me tell you what you need to hear

Full Dream consulation

Sometimes we wake up from a dream that was strange, frightening or that felt deeply meaningful in some way.

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Half hour dream call

In this session you can tell me about your dream and I will do a live reading on your dream energy.

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Let me help you

on your journey

knowing your soul

Dream Consultation

Dreams that stay with us have an essential message for us. I will help you tap into the energy of your dream and feel what is there, waiting to be understood by you.

My Journey


Reiki is a great energetic helper. It supports you where you need it the most. As a Reiki Master I will send you powerful Reiki distance healing to support you.

Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

As a psychic, I can give you more insight into what is there under the surface, tripping you up. This will help you break through limiting patterns and change your life for the better.

What Clients Say

Client's Words

Yvonne is truly the real deal.

She touched on several areas of my life, the accuracy was eerie!

This wasn’t some generic stuff that could apply to anyone.

I felt such a deep resonance with what she said and was truly blown away for real.

You’ll get Yvonne’s skills in their pure form

and those can be a huge help on your path.

She deep dives into topics and pinpoints issues that

you might not have considered before, but that do resonate with you.

I’ve recommended her to friends before and would do so again.

 The whole process of dealing with Yvonne  was a pleasure.

With her skills, compassionate nature and clear insight

I would recommend her to anyone around the world.

Yvonne sent me Reiki for a month.

It was such a wonderful gift to receive!

It did me a world of good.

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Psychic Reading
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