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A visualization is a very effective excercise that you can use to work with your subconscious. You can use viualizations to uncover what is hidden in your subconscious and to give it instructions. I have provided a number of visualizations that I work with a lot. Feel free to have a look around and see what resonates with you. It’s not difficult to do a visualization, so just give it a try and feel what it does for you. If you do the same visualization over the course of a couple of days or even weeks, the effects will be stronger. Watch for signs of change in your day-to-day life, like a different reaction by yourself or by others, different feelings about a subject, feeling stronger, more free, etc.

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If you find yourself in the same situation time and time again or you keep meeting the same type of people, you probably have negative unconscious programming. In the course of our life and especially when we are children, we try to make sense of the world, try to cope with difficult situations. But especially children unfortunately come to the wrong conclusions only too often and that conclusion is basically always that there is something wrong with us, that it is our fault. If dad’s always mad at us, we must be bad. If mom never has time for us, we must not be worthy of love. And so on. We then take these conclusions and view other people, the world and ourselves according to these beliefs and create our world based on our faulty assumptions. We automatically attract that which we believe about ourselves, others and the world, so negative beliefs attract negative situations and people, confirming and strengthening our beliefs. It’s like a computer with bad programming. This is where affirmations come in. Affirmations are the tools with which we can reprogram our subconscious mind. They are the positive counterpart to your unconscious programming.

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MIR method

The name MIR stands for Mental and Intuitive Reset. It is a very simple, safe and free technique that helps you regain your mental balance and rid yourself of negative energies. This relaxes the body and mind promoting better health and vitality.

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There are some great self-help books out there. Here’s a list of the books that have inspired me the most and helped me move forward or gain important understanding. If you click on the link underneath the description, it will take you straight to the book’s page on Amazon.

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Here are some links that I think may be useful to you on your journey.

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Can you tell me what the future of my work, relationship, financial situation, etc, will look like?
Unfortunately, no. I’m not a fortune teller, I can’t see into the future. Besides, I believe your future is most influenced by your actions. When I do a reading, I can however, see what is there under the surface, tripping you up. I will attune to your energy and ‘read’ how you are feeling, which will give you more insight into what’s really going on inside. I can make the deeper, underlying nature of the problem clear to you, what possible energetic blocks you may have and what you can do to overcome them. This will help you break through limiting patterns and change the situation for the better, resulting in a positive shift in your life.

Will wearing a gemstone / receiving Reiki distance healing / doing the MIR method / doing affirmations / doing visualizations solve my problems?
These things will not solve your problems, only you can do that yourself. They will, however, support you in sorting things out and make it easier for you to make a change for the better.

I want to make use of your services, but I don’t use Paypal / a creditcard. Is there another way I can pay?
Sure, no problem. Just e-mail me at and we’ll figure something out.

How does Reiki distance healing work?
Reiki is a relaxing treatment where natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner to the body of a recipient. It releases stress and emotional blocks, promoting relaxation and balance in body and mind.

Is Reiki distance healing safe for pregnant women?
Since Reiki is guided by the Higher Powers, it can only do good. Many pregnant women have received Reiki distance healing with great benefit to them and their unborn child.

Can Reiki distance healing replace licensed medical care?
No. Reiki healing should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment plan. It is not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work along with it.