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An Example

Let’s say you had a father who kept saying to you that you were stupid. He didn’t even have to say it, he could just make you feel like you were stupid. After years of getting this message, your subconscious mind has filed this under ‘Things I am’ as if it’s true. Feeling this is true, you see everything through ‘I am stupid’-glasses. In every situation, if something goes wrong, you assume it’s because you are stupid. When you interact with someone and they mistreat you, you will accept it and assume it’s because you are stupid. In your work, you probably will not get very far, because you are sure you are stupid and will hold yourself back. This is of course not true, but your view of your life determines for a big part how it turns out. What you will and will not accept and what your comfort zone is.

Change the programming

Now, if you want to change this unconscious programming, you use the positive counterpart to ‘overwrite’ the negative message, in this case “I am smart”. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel true to you yet, that’s the point of the affirmation: to change how you feel about yourself. You probably have heard or felt the negative message hundreds of times, so you’ll need to say the positive message hundreds of times too. But because you are working on this consciously, it will not take the years and years that it took for the negative message to ingrain, to change it into a positive message. You can say the positive affirmation “I am smart” out loud or just in your head, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to say all the times in one go, take your time and take weeks if you need them. Just keep at it. You also don’t have to count the times you say it, just say it until it feels right, you feel you don’t need the affirmation anymore or you start seeing different situations or people show up.

My tip for you

If you want to take affirmations to the next level, take a moment each day to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say your affirmation (only this time in a “you”-message, for instance “You are smart”), followed by “…and I love you.” This can feel really uncomfortable, but it works on a deep level and does a world of good.

Make your own

If you know what your unconscious programming is, you can make up your own affirmation to counteract it. These guidelines will help you on your way:

  • Try to get as close to the root of the problem as you can. Try to figure out what is causing you to feel or act a certain way, try to feel what is behind it all. Are you experiencing a lack of abundance because you feel it’s unsafe for you to have a lot of money? Or do you feel you don’t deserve abundance? Maybe you feel guilty if you are abundant. All these feelings can lead to a lack of abundance, but the best affirmation for each of these feelings is different. For the first feeling, you could use “Abundance is safe”, for the second “I deserve abundance” and for the last “I am allowed to enjoy abundance”.
  • Make sure you use a sentence that is only positive, so don’t use words like ‘no’, ‘never’, ‘nobody’, ‘not’ or ‘don’t’. Your subconscious mind will filter out these words. So don’t use “I’m not stupid”, because your subconscious mind will only focus on ‘I’m stupid’ and filter out the rest.
  • Also, make sure you put your affirmation in the present tense. For instance if you want to work on being abundant, don’t use “I will be abundant”, because that means you are not abundant now and your mind will make it so. Use “I am abundant” instead.
  • Try to keep your affirmation as short as possible, that’s the way your subconscious mind likes it. So don’t use “I have a job that I like, that enables me to be creative and where I am appreciated.” Instead, use something like “I have the perfect job” or “I love my job”.
  • Don’t try to change other people, just work on yourself and the interactions with the people around you will change too, they have to. So don’t use “I have an attentive and loving husband”, but use something like “I attract only loving people”.
  • Don’t make negative jokes about yourself, because your mind doesn’t understand you’re kidding and will assume what you say is true and will make it true.
  • It also doesn’t make a distinction between others and yourself, so if you say or think negative things about others, it will file it away as “Things I am” for yourself.

Or try these

If you feel it’s tricky to think of a good affirmation, have a look at the Affirmation examples below. They are categorized by subject. And feel free to modify them, keeping the guidelines I mentioned in mind.

My tip for you: if you have a strong reaction to an affirmation, positive or negative, it’s probably a good one for you.


I accept myself
I accept others the way they are
I love others the way they are
I love myself the way I am
I am good enough
I am worthy of love
I am deserving of love


I express myself in a loving way
I say what I feel
It’s safe to express myself
I express my creativity
I set boundaries
It’s okay for me to express myself
It’s okay for me to set boundaries
I give myself permission to express myself
It’s safe to set boundaries
I love myself enough to set boundaries
I can say how I feel
Expressing myself is easy
I love expressing myself


I let go of my need for control
It’s safe to let go of my need for control
Change is good
Change is safe
I enjoy change
I embrace change
I embrace change confidently
I feel safe
I am safe
The Universe has my back
I can let go


I express myself in a creative way
I am a creative person
Everything I make is unique
I love my creativity
I appreciate my creativity
I love my uniqueness
I express my creativity in my own way
I enjoy being creative
I let my creativity flow freely
I open myself to the flow of creativity
I express my creativity in my work
My creativity is valuable
Everything I make has value
I enjoy the creative process
It’s safe to be creative
I am safe being creative


I forgive myself
I choose to forgive…
I easily let go of the past
I lovingly forgive myself
I let go
I deserve to forgive myself
I am worthy of forgiveness
It’s easy to forgive myself
It’s okay

Health & Body

It’s safe to be healthy
I choose to be healthy
I choose to live a healthy lifestyle
It’s easy for me to reach my ideal weight
I eat exactly what I need
I listen to my body
I open myself to healing
I am balanced
I choose to heal
I love my body exactly as it is
I accept my body exactly as it is
I am beautiful
My body functions perfectly
I love my body
I take good care of my body
I choose a lifestyle that makes my body stronger
I love to exercise
My body is unique


Everything is fine
I live my life in my own way
I am safe
I am guided by my inner wisdom
I am open to new ideas
I expect only good things
I effortlessly let go of the past
I shape my own life
I trust in the future
With love, I let go of the pain from the past
I function well in a harmonious environment
Everything I want is easy to reach
I trust in the flow of life
I choose a harmonious environment
Life is beautiful
Life is wonderful
I do it with ease
I am responsible for my own life
I enjoy my life
I appreciate my life
I love my life
My life is great
My life is wonderful

Prosperity & Abundance

Abundance is safe
Prosperity is safe
I choose abundance
I am worthy of abundance
I deserve abundance
I choose prosperity
I am worthy of prosperity
I deserve prosperity
I deserve an abundant life
I deserve a prosperous life
I create abundance doing what I love most
I attract abundance
I attract prosperity
Everything I need, finds me
I always have enough money
I always have enough time
Effortlessly I attract abundance
Effortlessly I attract prosperity
Effortlessly I attract a new house
Effortlessly I attract a new job


I open myself to other people
I open myself to a loving relationship
I am worthy of love
I am worthy of a loving relationship
I deserve love
I deserve a loving relationship
I am loveable
I choose a loveable boyfriend / girlfriend / man / woman / person
I attract only loving people
I surround myself only with loving people
I stand up for myself
My heart is open
It’s safe to love
It’s safe to be loved
I let go of the pain from the past with love
It’s safe to be in a relationship
I can be myself in a relationship
I can be strong in a relationship
I can be vulnerable in a relationship
I am safe in a relationship


I am important
I am perfect the way I am
I am unique
I can do anything
I have the confidence to do anything
I trust myself
I am worthy of all the good things in life
I am worthy of love
I am loveable
I deserve all the good things in life
I deserve love


I am a sexual being
I express my sexuality in a healthy way
I enjoy my sexuality
I feel safe in my sexuality
I experience my sexuality in a way that feels good to me
I reserve time and energy to enjoy my sexuality
Sexuality is healthy
It’s healthy to enjoy sex
It’s normal to enjoy sex
I deserve to enjoy sex
It’s okay for me to enjoy sex
It’s okay for me to enjoy my sexuality


I am a powerful man / woman / person
I own my power
I choose to be powerful
It’s safe to be powerful
I have unlimited reserves of strength
I love being powerful
It’s okay to be forceful
It’s safe to be forceful


I choose success
Success is safe
It’s safe for me to be successful
I deserve success
I am worthy of success
I attract success
I open myself to succes
I choose to be all that I can be
I enjoy being successful
I love being successful
It’s easy to be successful
It’s safe to be successful


I love my work
I appreciate my work
I do work I enjoy
I do work that fulfills me
I am appreciated at work
I express my creativity at work
My work inspires me
I enjoy going to work
I attract a job that makes me happy
I have the right job at the right moment
Effortlessly I attract an interesting job
Every day I enjoy my work more
I love my co-workers
I only have nice co-workers
I surround myself with people who appreciate me
I surround myself with people who inspire me


I am valued
I am important
I am pretty
I am nice
I am sweet
I am fine just the way I am
I choose only the very best for myself
I am intelligent
I am smart
I am worthy of love
I am loveable
I appreciate myself
I accept myself exactly the way I am
I am full of confidence
I respect myself
I appreciate myself
I am safe
My heart is open
I do what feels good for me
I choose happiness
I make myself happy
I let go of the need for validation / recognition / strife / uneasy / insecurity / etc. (pick a need you want to let go)
I trust myself