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You can heal your life

This book has been pivotal in my personal journey. It was the first book that taught me that I am responsible for my own life and made the relationship clear between how I feel mentally and physically. It gave me so much insight and understanding, but also ways to take control and change my life for the better. I always keep it on hand to look things up, recommend it to everyone and reread it once every few years. This is especially great for beginners. If you’re familiar with this book and are looking to dive even deeper, try The key to self-liberation by Christiane Beerlandt (see below).


The key to self-liberation

This book is great for those who are ready to really dive into the background of diseases. It’s expensive, but it is extremely comprehensive and a great help in getting to the root of any physical problem. If you are a beginner in learning about the influence of your mental state on your body, I highly recommend You can heal your life by Louise Hay (see above). If you have those basics down and are looking for more in-depth information, use this book.


Conversations with God

Another one of my favorite spiritual books. I was loosely raised as a Catholic, but I couldn’t identify with the vengeful, uncaring, demanding God I learned about. And then I read this book, and everything fell into place. For me personally, this is the way God is and it’s a great comfort. For anyone who’s open to possibly redefining their view of God and religion.


The hidden messages in water

This book had a profound impact in how I viewed and interacted with the world. Dr. Emoto discovered that water formed different crystals when frozen, depending on what thoughts were directed at it. When you consider that 71% of the earth’s surface and about 60% of our body is water, you see the impact this discovery can have on how we treat the earth and on our bodies.


The complete Reiki handbook

For anyone working with Reiki energy, this book is a must-have. It has all the information you need, and a lot you didn’t know you needed. I consult it when treating clients for more in-depth information and the background of hand positions. Very practical and ‘hands-on’ (pun intended).


Journey of souls

This book has been a real eye-opener for me. Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered what happens to us between our earthly lives. The information in this book gave me a deep sense of “Yes, this is right, this is how it is.”. It gives such a complete picture of our ‘lives-between-lives’, it blew me away.


The chakra handbook

If you are interested in the chakras, which are the major energy centers of the body, this is the go-to book. It has all the information about the chakras you could possibly want, it’s easy to read and understand and it has a lot of practical applications. It helped me get a much better understanding of the chakras, their function, how they are connected to different parts of the body, how you know when they are blocked and how to activate them.


The power is within you

Great book to examine which unconscious negative beliefs we hold with which we create our world. Filled with practical exercises to help you transform these negative beliefs into positive beliefs and in doing so, dramatically improve your life and your relationships.


The gift of loving kindness

Loving yourself and others is the core of our existence, but it’s not always easy. This book really helps. It offers 100 easy and practical exercises to send loving kindness to yourself and everyone around you. This way, you will increase your compassion, generosity and forgiveness and in turn transform yourself, your life and your environment.


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Moving spiritual tale of a seagull that’s different from his fellow seagulls: he wants more, pushes his limits, overcomes obstacles and doesn’t let anyone stop him. Great as an inspirational gift, for someone else or for yourself.


How to talk so kids will listen

Being a parent can be a challenge and you can find yourself off track pretty quickly. The right communication makes a big difference. The information in this book doesn’t feel like anything profound or life-altering and making the necessary adjustments isn’t hard, but just coming at issues from a different angle leads to a vast improvement.


Angel numbers

Sometimes you keep seeing the same numbers in your life everywhere you look. It feels like someone is trying to tell you something and they are. These numbers are beautiful, loving and supportive messages from the angels that guide and assist you and this book will help you to understand them.



Great little compact book with 366 short, inspirational insights. I like to read one every now and again just to contemplate it or I’ll open the book at random to see what pearls of wisdom I encounter when I’m struggling with an issue.


The four agreements

Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, this book gives four easy guidelines to make big positive changes in our lives.


A new earth

Tolle describes how the ego works and how to free yourself of the ego-based state of consciousness. This way, you can learn to live from your authentic energy and build a better way of life, contributing to a better world.


Ask and it is given

This book is thee best starting point for anyone interested in the Law of Attraction and a great resource for those who are already a little more advanced in the teachings of the LoA. This book explains what the Law of Attraction is, how you can apply it to work for you and what’s happening when it doesn’t seem to be working. The second part of the book is full of exercises you can use to raise your vibration, which helps to attract the things you want into your life.


The 7 spiritual laws of success

A great book that teaches seven principles based on natural laws which you can apply to all elements of your personal life to achieve success. Not just a lot of theory, but a wealth of practical steps you can take so as to live in harmony with the natural laws, which will result in success in all aspects of your life.