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MIR Method

The name MIR stands for Mental and Intuitive Reset. It is a very simple, safe and free technique that helps you regain your mental balance and rid yourself of negative energies. This relaxes the body and mind promoting better health and vitality.


Caress your hand or cheek lovingly and repeat each sentence below 3 times. Do this twice a day for at least 4 weeks.

Step 1. Optimize acidity
Step 2. Detox all toxicity
Step 3. Detach father. Detach mother
Step 4. Clear meridians
Step 5. Supplement all shortages
Step 6. Balance hormone system
Step 7. Fulfill basic needs
Step 8. Optimize chakras and aura
Step 9. Clarify mission

Please note:

  • If you have very severe mental or physical complaints, first do 4 weeks using only step 5 and 7. And always make sure to consult a licensed medical professional.
  • Complaints may grow worse at first before they get better, as with most alternative therapies.
  • Do not skip steps because you think or feel you don’t need them. The MIR method only works effectively as a whole.
  • You can use the MIR method when you are pregnant, but only start after the first trimester.