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Yvonne Pecht

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Psychic Reading

Let me show you what you need to see

I can help you see what is there under the surface, tripping you up. I’m a psychic, which means I can attune to your energy and ‘read’ how you are feeling. I will give you more insight into what’s really going on inside, the deeper, underlying nature of the problem, what possible energetic blocks you may have and what you can do to overcome them. This will help you break through limiting patterns and change the situation for the better, resulting in a positive shift in your life.

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Dream consultation

Let me tell you what you need to hear

Dreams that stay with us are important, they have an essential message for us. But understanding that message can be a challenge. I can help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

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Reiki distance healing

Let me support you on your journey

We can all use some support in our lives sometimes. Reiki is a great energetic helper. It aims at recovering balance in body and spirit, supporting you where you need it the most and doing exactly what is needed.

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Tailored Gemstone Consultation

Let me guide you where you need to go

The right gemstone can be a wonderful resource, but it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you at a given time. As a psychic, I can help you find a gemstone that’s perfectly suited to your personal needs.

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